Our Mission

Build relationships

Build relationships with customers and suppliers based on Partnership.

Our Vision

Align our vision with our Partner’s needs.

Always satisfy

Always satisfy, if not exceed our Partner’s expectations.

Total transparency

Total transparency on our work, to ensure smooth operations between customers and suppliers.

Tunisian goods

Promote the exceptional quality of Tunisian goods around the world, to benefit our national economy.

Protect our partners

Protect our partners’ interests in any economic endeavor.



In view of the economic perpetuation of our activity we aim to achieve a total synergy with our partners. Sharing a common vision allows us to align our goals, and hence create a situation based on partnership, not strictly on trade relationships.


At the center of our values, is the notion of Family. The Salakta group being family owned, the notions of trust, loyalty, and integrity are emphasized in our daily activity. It helped us create a climate of security within our customer and supplier base that benefits from constant transparency and ethic in our trades.


We chose the name Otthild for a reason. Its etymology is related to the notions of “fortune, wealth, and battle”. Our mission being to fight your battles for you, Otthild Trading Company is committed to always look for opportunities for you to strive.

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